July 7, 2021

Safe Missions Vaccine Project
A project is underway to support missionaries to get vaccinated in areas where vaccines are difficult to access. You can participate by volunteering and/or donating. To donate, please write ‘SMVP’ on the mission offering envelope.

Donation details:
Side dish donations, service & inquiry for missionaries, please contact (571) 338-6486

AS & JG Summer Retreat
7/16 (Fri) – 7/17 (Sat) in Multi-Purpose Room

Want to serve? We’re currently seeking

  • Awana Teachers: In need of 12 teachers for students on the waiting list. If your child is on the waiting list, please consider volunteering as an Awana Teacher Volunteer. Deadline is 7/14 (Wed). Contact:
  • K-1 Teachers: In need of 5 teachers. Contact:
  • 4-6 Grade: In need of 13 teachers. Contact:
  • Minister Barnabas to serve the new family: Contact (703) 399-9353
  • Community Ministry Volunteer: Weekend service once or twice a month or homeless ministry, etc. Contact (703) 409-1098
  • Donation of summer clothes and food: Includes t-shirts, shorts, cup noodles, snacks, backpacks, etc. Deadline is 7/25 (Sun). Bring drop offs to church side door (Kiss & Ride entrance).


  • English 2:7 DT for Leaders:¬†Register online at Deadline: 7/25 (Sun). Training begins: 8/1 (Sun) – 9/5 (Sun) from 1:30-3:00pm. Contact
  • Discipleship Training (19th class): Register at To register, you must have taken 2:7 DT, or an equivalent training at another church, as a pre-requisite. You must also be a baptized member of our church and have attended a SOON group for at least one year.
  • Ministry Training (17th class): To register, you must have completed Discipleship Training as a pre-requisite. Contact


  • Wonsang Lee Library: The library will be open on a limited basis starting today. Hours: 9:20-9:50am, 11:20-12:00pm, 1:20-1:50pm. *Books can only be borrowed or returned. There is no seating.
  • Pastor Youngsoo Oh is appointed as a pastor for young adults as of today. Let’s congratulate him!